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Here at Import Auto Centre (IAC), we have been buying from Japan through the same agents for 15+ years. This has lead to a very trusting relationship and a good understanding of the high quality level of cars we require. We make direct contact daily with our agent and make trips to Japan several times a year which ensures only the best cars make their way into our Dealership floor. We believe our experience combined with our good quality vehicles and great service are the reasons why we have so many happy customers.


Many vehicles manufactured and sold new in Japan, especially the sports cars, were not available for sale new in Australia. More often than not, vehicles designed for the Japanese market have far more options and have more features standard than those designed for the Australian market, even though they may be from the same manufacturer. The extra options combined with the low prices due to the fast rate of depreciation make the Japanese vehicle a far more desirable option. We wouldn’t be bringing vehicles into Australia from Japan if we thought we could get the same car here for the same price here. The cars speak for themselves!


This is due to two main reasons:

    1. Australia is physically 20 times bigger than Japan and far less populated. To put this into perspective, Japan physically is slightly larger than the state of Victoria and its population is approx. 127 million.
    2. Japan has one of the most efficient public transport systems in the world with trains travelling up to 300km/h The average KMs travelled per year in Australia is 25-30,000km, where as in Japan it is around 5-7000km due mainly to the two reasons above.

A car in Japan is seen more as a luxury than a necessity. This is not to say higher mileage cars do not exist in Japan, they do. We have always believed it is better to pay the little bit extra to secure a good, clean, low KM vehicle in Japan, especially when you are shipping the vehicle half way around the world!


Yes. We have extended warranties available


Yes they are for several reasons:

  1. Japanese imports generally have lower mileage for the same equivalent year.
  2. The road conditions in Japan are much better and as a result you will find that the body of Japanese cars are in extremely good condition.
  3. Standard features in Japanese cars are normally optional extras in Australia.
  4. There is literally no second-hand car market in Japan. Due to local laws cars must be maintained to stringent standards and traded in for new vehicles to avoid excessive road taxes and insurance costs. Because of this Japanese drivers take great care of their cars and the majority of the time the cars have only had one owner.

Yes you can, please make an enquiry using our "enquire now" option


In order to meet Australian Safety Standards, your car of choice must be complied by a licensed compliance company


Yes we can supply parts, please go to our "aftermarket" page and make an enquiry


Yes. there are several insurance companies that can insure your imported vehicle for you. Please go to our "useful links" tab to see who can help with this.

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